Nothing feels better than to feel the warm Spring Sun on your skin after a long cold winter indoors.

The outdoor activities can start happening once more and for some, a good BBQ with friends on a lazy Sunday is the best. Getting your friends together is fine, but you know that you have to have enough chairs in the garden for all of them. It’s not just chairs, you need tables, maybe a little bar to go with the chairs, a couple of sunbeds too.

Buying all of these things will definitely leave a big dent in your wallet, but there is a way you can still have all of them. Instead of spending your hard-earned money, you can make everything you need in your yard by yourself. All you need is some time, patience, some basic tools, basic carpentry knowledge, and a small budged. With these, you can create some pretty awesome outdoor furniture sets for you and your friends.

The Materials

Apart from the standard tools like a saw, hammers, some sanding paper, you will need wood. Well, instead of buying wooden planks and 2x4s, you can buy wooden pallets and transform them into furniture.

They already have a structure, and the wood used for pallets is strong enough to be transformed into furniture. Buy yourself a couple of dozen pallets and you can use them to make anything and everything.

If you are still not convinced of this claim, here are some nice pieces of outdoor furniture you can make yourself.

outdoor furniture

Outdoor bench and chairs

If you have a lot of friends but don’t know how to squeeze so many chairs onto your deck, making a bench and a couple of chairs from pallets is a great idea. You need about 15 pallets to complete the set. Do the measuring, make sure that the bench fits on the deck. Cut the pallets into pieces and you will have seats for everyone.

outdoor chairs

If you want to make sure that the bench is comfortable, you can buy some foam and sew it into an old blanket or something big enough. Add a couple of pillows and you’ll get great wooden furniture for your yard or deck.

The best thing about outdoor benches made out of pallets is that they can be as long as you want them to. You can turn a bench into a sofa if you have to.

Garden Bar

Everyone has that one friend who owns a garden bar, right? When people come to his house, they are all impressed with his bar and chairs. Well, you can have the same glamor with only a fraction of the costs. One weekend and a dozen pallets are enough to put together an awesome set of chairs and an impressive bar too.

You will also need a couple of 2×8 or 2×10 inch planks for the bar top. You can color the bar and the chairs as you like, but you can also treat them with a see-through solution to get that “wooden cabin” look.

If you put some extra time and effort into the project, you can make shelves for the drinks on the inside of the bar. The possibilities are endless, it all depends on your time and energy.

garden bar

Pallet swing bed

This is perhaps the easiest home outdoor furniture project there is.

palette swing bed

You only need to build a frame out pallets and hang it from a tree. The frame can be as big as you want, or better said, as big as your mattress is. Suspend the frame to a tree, add more hooks if the weight requires, put the mattress on, throw in a couple of cushions and a blanket. You will have your perfect outdoor swing bed in no time at all.

If a bed swing is too large for your tree, you can make a swing chair.

Simple coffee table

You can’t have a good deck or patio without a coffee table, especially if you made all the furniture out of pallets. Making a coffee table out of pallets is super easy.

First, you need to build a frame out of thick planks or 2x4s. Built the frame so with struts in between the sides and nail the pallet over it.

coffee table

If you want the table to be movable, buy medium size 360 turning wheels and screw them in. You will now have a perfect table to complete the set on your patio.

Cinder block and wood bench


If you want to place your bench on soft ground, you should avoid making wooden legs. Instead, you can make the stands out of concrete blocks and screw the planks into the blocks.

Stack four blocks next to each other and then lay two blocks on their sides on top. Take two 8 foot 4×4 wooden planks and cut them in half. The easier solution is to push the planks through the holes in the bricks and throw a mattress over that.

If you want to add more strength to the bench, connect the planks with large screws.

The ideas are endless

Working with wooden pallets is very rewarding and there are endless designs for you to work on. You can make almost all the furniture in your home and yard if you want. You can make everything from beds, bedrooms, wardrobes, kitchens, kitchen tables, and many other pieces of furniture in your garage.


Every yard and garden need some nice classy furniture, but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money on it. WIth wooden pallets, you only need time and some basic tools. Who knows, maybe your friends like what you made and they want one for their own back yards.

If you have a passion for creating furniture and working with wood, but you don’t have all of the skills to make some, starting with pallets is the best thing you can do. If you get good at it, you can make some money too.