About Us

Our team consists of three mmbers who had met some time before starting the work on this website. All three of them share the same passion – woodworking. They combine their knowledge, skill, and experience to bring you, the reader, the best possible reviews of woodworking-related products.

Alex is the most experienced one of the bunch. He has over 15 years of woodworking experience behind him, and his passion for the craft only seems to grow with each passing year. Alex has discovered his love for woodworking while watching his grandfather as he was whittling. It took Alex many years of hard work until he finally managed to build his shop from which he works to this day. Alex is our go-to guy when something needs to be tested. His passion is what keeps us all working hard, and this website just wouldn’t be the same without him.

Alex Top Router Tables

Dwane is Alex’s best friend and a longtime work partner. He and Alex met a long time ago during a woodworking fair where they got into a heated argument which only served to cement their friendship. He likes to perform heavy-duty tests on everything, and is known to have destroyed plenty of equipment in the past – “it needed to be tested,” he likes to say. He keeps everyone’s spirits up when a deadline is incoming and contributes greatly to the positive work environment in the shop.

Dwane Top Router Tables

Nicholas is our youngest member, but that doesn’t mean that he has little experience when it comes to woodworking, on the contrary. Nicholas knows a lot about routers, which becomes obvious once you start reading his articles about that subject. He likes to say that the router is the greatest woodwoking invention ever, and we don’t like to argue with him about it. He writes our articles and proof-reads them when Alex & Dwane write them.

Nicholas Top Router Tables