Image of Bench Dog Tools 40 102 ProMax

Customer Rating



  • Great versatility
  • Large surface area
  • Well placed dust hole
  • Durable industry grade quality
  • Offers high level of precision
  • Affordable


  • Bad customer support
  • Needs some adjusting
  • Rotation constraints
  • Manufacturing precision could be better

First Impressions

Woodworking projects require plenty use of different sets of tools so whether you’re a DIY type or professional craftsmen, having a versatile bench gives you freedom for the more creative projects. When you need to adapt your wood works it stands as a sign that you need an equally suitable toolset that will fulfill your project goals.

If you do not need to worry about compatibility or the need to change your tools and accessories then Bench Dog 40-102 is an option worth checking out. It represents a great value for its large work surface that can match your needs and is compatible with the most specialized power tools on the market.

Great Versatility

Its compatible with every 8-¼” x 11-¾” router table available on the market so chances are that if you already have a double steel rail support this model will fit right in. Being an industrial grade makes it a relatively heavy extension at around 30 pounds for its 18 x 29 x 4 inches size. The usable surface area measures 24 x 16 inches, which is more than satisfactory. There are two small bars that are in fact guides on the side of the fence and they can create a joiner on their ends.
Did we already mention that Bench Dog Tools 40-102 presents a great value for money overall package? You get a spacious and adaptable working surface that will allow you to work on even the most intricate details with great precision.

Keep in mind that as this is a fixed router – you will be somewhat limited to possible position changes and less movement freedom when doing work.

Overall it is an easy and fast installation that makes for a hassle-free assembly as long as you read the included manual first. We also recommend consulting the online version too to find out the full and very in-detail spec sheet. This allows you to check the compatibility with your bench, your table saw and any extension that you already own. It took us about an hour to get it mounted and ready for tools. Add to that the time that you will require to connect all of your own gear and attachments.

The Features

By setting its focus on professional users, Bench Dogs Tools makes it easy to setup and attach any type of extension you may want to use. During our time with it, we successfully use almost all equipment in our shop except several specific contractor-grade models. Seeing how affordable 40-102 is – we won’t note this as a big downside. It is understandable that – at this price range – some cuts had to be made. We appreciate the fact that it comes with 25 holes although found that some of those do not align properly with our gear. This is easily solved with some tooling and a bit of patience.
Bench Dog 40-001

The dust port works fine for us and because of its back position, it will require some adjustments to keep the router table surface clutter free. The miter feels heavy and sturdy and is compatible with most of the gauges.

That is if you don’t want to spend more on the optional one that is bought separately you can use your own. It will be great for more demanding projects and allow you to use up to 2 hp table saws without the rotational penalty of any kind. Vibrations and noise are at moderate levels due to the well-designed underside of the router.

Things we didn’t like

We found a few issues that somewhat limit this otherwise great router table however this can’t take away too many positive points from the otherwise impressive feature list. First of all, you can’t install nor rotate the left-sided table saw models that have a left tilting blade. Thankfully there are no screw holes and this will prevent wrong mounting and damage to the equipment.

We already pointed out misaligned mounting holes although that is an easy fix for almost anyone with tools at hand. In fact, for us, it even further added to the DIY enthusiast vibe that we get from this router table. While lifetime warranty sounds good on paper, you might encounter some issues with the bad overall customer services.


Whether you are a DIY guy or gal or an experienced craftsman we are certain that this might be a fine choice router table package. You get lots of value, plenty of versatility and features found in the more expensive price bracket. The large usable surface area adapts to requirements while taking little space in your shop. Since not all users need pro-grade equipment taking lots of room where space is a commodity this might fit the bill just fine.