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Customer Rating



  • Variable motor speed
  • Micro-fine depth adjustments
  • Improved Precision
  • Easy to handle
  • Two bases – the fixed and the plunge one
  • Quite durable
  • Electronic speed control 


  • It doesn’t have a template adapter guide
  • Hard to change the bits
  • Quite bulky
  • Can lead to malfunction due to dust
  • The c-ring is loose 

First Impressions

After many hours of researching the different heavy-duty router models, we found out that the Bosch 1617evpsk is one of the bestselling appliances. Although it is a midsize range machine, it can perform any job that is demanded of it by the user. It is durable and technically capable.

But, that is not all.

Besides its accuracy, power, and durability it has some other highly sophisticated features such as soft, variable speed control, precision bases, and a powerful motor. With the 8000 to 25000 RPM combined with 2,25HP/12 Amp, you can deal with all your routing projects including the toughest one.

Keep reading and learn about all the benefits this device has.


Height: 6.2 x 19.5 x 14.5 inches

Weight: 19.5 pounds

1. Soft start/ Horsepower

A soft start component is an appliance that works on an AC electric engine that plays the crucial role of reducing power load when starting up and preventing electrical current surges. Bosch patents consistent response circuit monitors and maintain the speed providing overload protection and a continual work. Also, this feature reduces the torque on the engine.

Because its performance is constant, it decreases the chance of sudden increases or slowdowns in speed during some working project. With this benefit, you will create better cuts.

The next thing you should check before buying a router is the horsepower rating. It has 2,25 HP motor that is secured and placed in durable aluminum housing. Even with its power, it will not cause woodworker fatigue while using the plunge base and it will fit any shop.

Any professional user or intermediate wood crafter will appreciate its durability and power. The great thing about this machine is that it can handle any heavy-duty project.

2. Variable Speed

The wood router comes with the changing speed dial. When you roll your finger over the dial, you can adjust the right speed for your job. It has 6-speed settings and RPM (rotation per minute) ranges from 8000 to 25000.

For the first three levels, it will give you a rotation per minute range of 8000 to 16500. You can use it with nonferrous metals, large diameter cutters, and bits. The next three levels will give you a range of 20000 to 25000 that can be utilized with little diameter cutter and bits on laminates, plastics, and softwood.

The higher speed setting can be used to handle smaller bits while the lower level can be paired up with a larger diameter.

The consistent response circuitry helps to adjust and monitors capacity to keep the wanted RPM for regular action. This router also includes electronic speed regulation that will retain it under load. It will prevent overheating and reduce twisting when starting up.

3. Fixed vs. Bases Plunge

The great thing about this wood router is that it comes with both plunge and fixed base. It is very easy to move the engine between them because of the quick clamp system. There are soft grip handles on each side of the plunge base for easier operation and depth stop turret and rod for cutting depth control.

Both bases include Centering Precision Design. This feature allows to position the router bit with the template guides, which is sold separately, or the sub base. Using the guidance appliances such as dovetail fixtures, templates or jigs, you will keep the bit on the right cutting line.

The fixed one has threaded holes and ergonomic handles for set up to a table. You can regulate the bit altitude from above to a router desk with the improved bit height regulation scheme.

Although it has a locking mechanism on fixed and plunge base, its centering precision has a small problem when wobbling side by side. It can be difficult to control it during the working process, so it’s maybe not wise to use it for fine, high-end projects.

4. Bit Shank and Collet Size

The sleeve that is made from steel keeps in the appliance its bit, and it is called collet. The shaft which is attached to the engine works with the collet. The great thing about this midsize wood router is that it can use a ½ and ¼ inches collet.

It will give you wider bits sizes range and allow you to handle larger, that are constructed to make dovetails and rabbiting joints. And you won’t have a problem like overheating motor or any kickback. With the bit height regulate the system, it will be easier to lower and raise the bit heights.

man using Bosch 1617evspk

5. Cutting depth (Tool vs. Wrench free)

The next thing to examine when buying a high-quality wood router is the depth of the cutting. The both bases have adjustment system that allows fast and accurate cutting. It includes both micro and coarse bit depth regulation.

With three different settings fixed base provides precise control for the unmatched accuracy of a router bit location. The coarse control is the first one that has 3 notches on each housing side. With the ½ inches of distance between them, you can just depress the coarse regulation release mechanism and quickly raise or lower the router depth.

The other base also has a control system that will allow you to regulate the bits’ depth for a better accuracy. However, there were some problems with it. For example, the c-ring will break or fail, and the screw is weak which means that adjusting system is poor.

But, you can replace them to fix the problem. Also, one more issue is that the bases release clamps are too close which can cause damage to the engine.

6. Some Additional Features

The Bosch 1617evspk wood router has an adapter that holds the ring that is spring-loaded. It has a switch that will prevent dust to build up and cause a breakdown in the middle of the working process. For the easier use, it can be moved to the left or right location.

The router engine housing features an exclusive design that will allow the woodworker to position the router bit together with the template guides or the sub-base. It is constructed from aluminum and has air vents on the top. When using these guides like dovetail fixtures, templates or jigs it will be much easier to hold the bit on the precise line.

To provide simpler and quicker switches between the bases, the wood router uses a base clamp mechanism. The great base opening can provide better visibility and larger bits while working with the tool.

To regulate bit level from above the desk, a fixed base features advanced height regulation system. And it also includes the deflector that will keep chips and dust out of the users’ face.

It has a protection service plan and a warranty of one year. Can this wood router make a circle? Yes, you can make circles, but you must buy ring and template cutting jigs.

7. Different Accessories

You can buy separately some different accessories which are used with this router model. For example, The Guide Adapter, 8 mm and 3/8 inches Chuck Collet, or the RA1173AT Dust Extraction Kit.

How to Use It?

To assemble and use it follow the manual. On a piece of wood cut a circle over radius with the fixed base. Depending on the load apply the feed rates and adjust the bit to your preferred range.

It also applies to the plunge base. To make T-slots use the clamp-on guide fence and to make different cuts on the wood use templates guides.

What Makes This Wood Router
Easy To Use?

  1. Bosch Centering Precision Design: It allows the router bit to be centered with the free template guides, which is sold separately, or the sub-base and ensuring the accurate and precise cuts.
  2. Easier and quicker changes between the bases with the clamp lever.
  3. Fixed and plunge base comes with the ergonomic handles for easier operations.

Minor Repair and Maintenance

To prevent dust from building up into the switch find a cover for that area. Try to clean the wood router after you use it and let it dry completely before next project. It would be wise to return the components to their casings to prevent any damage.

Some of the users are complaining about the c-ring is loose, and that will fail or break after some time and that the screw is weak. The only thing you can do about this issue is to replace them and you will solve the problem.

Also, one more issue is that release clamps on the bases are too close which can cause scratches on the engine. If you have some complex problem, you should call repair technician and use your warranty. Or you could also call the support or use a manual to try to fix the issue by yourself.


The Bosch 1617evspk router kit can be found for a very reasonable and affordable price. It includes soft drop-forged wrenches, both bases and a ¼ and ½ inches collets. You can get it for an incredible amount.

However, the free template guides and some different accessories are sold separately, such as The RA1126 Quick Change Template Guide Adapter, a 3/8 inches Collet Chuck and 8 mm Collet Chuck.


This router model has an average grade on the others tools sites. After many hours of researching and testing it, we gave this appliance a 4.1/5 for performance rating because of its durability and reliable construction. With its powerful motor and speed control, it can handle a heavy work.

For its Value rating, we gave it also 4.1/5. With the fixed and plunge bases, you can work on a huge variety of designs and workpieces. We recommend it for intermediate and advanced woodworkers but not for complete beginners.


This wood router is an excellent choice if you are planning to do some heavy-duty projects. You will get a powerful motor, a plunge and fixed base with some few additional features. It is ideal for advanced and intermediate wood crafter because it can perform most of the heavier woodworking jobs.

The great thing about this machine is that you can make a lot of adjustments. This device is thoroughly designed to face the test of time.

Bosch 1617evspk Product Image
You will find that this router has everything you might require for a tougher operation.

Each of its parts is made of aluminum which makes it stronger and durable. With its powerful engine, advanced technology that can control speed, and precision bases you will make art. Woodworking requires creative mind as well as knowledge of the process.

However, you must have the high-quality equipment to materialize your creative thinking. Your skills are the most important thing when it comes to woodworking, but this knowledge requires an excellent tool.

It maybe is an essential appliance, but it is also the most crucial. So, look for a very good quality tool with the powerful engine that has enough horsepower.  This device can perform any wood project in the house or workshop, and it is perfect for professionals.

It manages to provide many benefits which outstrip some of the product flaws.