Dewalt DW618 router

Customer Rating



  • Well–built, powerful motor 
  • Ergonomic grips 
  • Metal, heavy base ensures visibility and durability
  • Clean and smooth quality of cuts
  • Clamp design that you can adjust
  • Speed dial that’s variable
  • Eccessories that extend flexibility and performance
  • Three-year warranty


  • It comes without edge guide
  • Centering tool must be bought separately
  • Issue with slipping.

First Impressions

After researching different manufacturers of wood routers and their products, we came to the conclusion that this DeWalt unit is one of the best devices today. To be precise, it is the fifth bestselling router, and it is perfect for both professional tool shop and the home woodworker. This fantastic unit comes with some basic features which are excellent for beginners, and advanced ones which will make the job easier for the professionals.

These features such as clear Lexan sub-base, ½ and ¼ inch collets, and a cam engine housing add to the machines general performance. The thing you might like is that it includes both plunge and fixed bases, but you can also buy it with the fixed one only. Needless to say that this unit has excellent reviews and it is amazingly affordable.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Dimensions: 10.8 x 9.5 x 7.2 inches

Weight: 9.9 pounds

What it Has to Offer?

1. Soft Start/Horse Power

The motor of this product has a soft-start feature built in, as it’s expected of a high-quality router. The thing we notice is that it didn’t work flawlessly when we installed a large cutter, but we can say it is good enough to make the machine manageable using one hand.

Its electronic variable speed motor with 2-1/4 HP and 12.0 Amp provides fast changes between bases and power to rout through the toughest hardwood.

2. Variable Speed

This magnificent machine includes full feedback control and an electronic variable speed, going from 8000 to 24000 RPM. To adjust the speed, all you have to do is turn the dial and determine which one is best suited for the type of job you are doing. That will allow you better management of the router.

When you set the speed between one and three, you will get a range of 8.000 to 14.000 RPM which can be used with big diameter cutters and bits. The one between four and six will give you the range of 18000 to 24000 RPM that will operate great for small diameter cutters and bits on laminates, plastics, and softwoods.

3. Fixed vs. Plunge Base

When you purchase this product, you will get both fixed and plunge base. The fixed one has a three hundred and sixty micro adjustments and a locking lever that raises the tool up and down so you can get an ideal depth of cuts. It can be used for edging, trimming, etc.

The plunge router base will smoothly plunge when moving down and up, without hanging up. That means when you lower the cutter out, and into the piece of work, it will produce cuts that are clean. Needless to say that its action lever is easy to use and very smooth. It can be used for 90 percent of the woodworking projects that are done in the shop or around the house because it can be turned into the plunge router that is fully capable.

4. Bit Shank Size

This product comes with the ability to use both 1/2 and ¼ inch collets that will provide bits with a broader range. Thanks to that, you will be able to use this tool on many of your projects.
cutting wood with Dewalt DW618

5. Cutting Depth Adjustment

The thing you need to consider when choosing a high-quality router is its cutting depth. This machine comes with the lengthy eight slot collet for better router shank and bit contact that will make it easier to loosen and tighten the bits.

As we mentioned it earlier, this unit also includes three hundred and sixty micro-fine, ring with adjustments that will provide bit depth regulation to within 1/64 inches.

You have two inches depth travel with the plunge base and up to 1,5 inches with the standard one. That will create secure and smooth operations every time.

Its easy to use, low pressure, large spindle lock switch will allow single-wrench bit changes and achieve these adjustments. The clamping mechanism and the depth ring are combined in this product, and they will keep the motor in its place.

Additional Features

  • The wood router’s fixed base will increase the visibility and improves stability for the user during radius or edging cuts.
  • Base construction and aluminum engine housing that is lightweight will provide durability for the machine.
  • The thing you might not like is its dust collection. It supposed to clean and remove ninety five percent of the dust while routing different types of woods, but we find out that that it doesn’t work well.
  • You can buy different accessories separately for the wood router such as edge tool guide with vacuum adapter and fine adjustment, or guide for compact routers with the fixed base.

Can You Make a Circle with this Tool?

The answer is yes. You can make a circle with it. But, the only problem is that the cutting jig doesn’t come with the unit. You will need to purchase it separately.


As a well-built model, this fantastic router has the power to do any woodworking projects you want and a solid metal frame that will control that power. It is a perfect option for both beginners and professionals who want to take their jobs to another level. If you need a trim router in your shop or a unit that will handle the lightweight task, then consider this excellent product.