product image of dewalt dwp611pk compact router

Customer Rating



  • LED light gives great visibility
  • Soft start feature
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Can handle hard and soft wood
  • Rubber handles
  • Relatively Quiet
  • Easy to change the bits
  • Precise


  • Its ¼ inch cullet limits your work
  • Limited movement due to cord
  • Difficult to reach the cullet nut
  • Sturdy case not included
After our extensive search of the various wood route models, we learned that the best-selling one is the DeWalt DWP611. It combines convenience and power that makes it ideal for both professional work shop and home wood worker. The high performance makes it equally suitable whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced user.

Want to know the best part?

This high-quality router comes with the innovations designs and ergonomic features that are improving overall performance, control and visibility. It comes with plunge and fixed base as a combo kit. You can find it on the market for the affordable price.

If you want to know more all you have to do is read on.



Height: 18,9’’ x 10’’ x 6,8’’

Weight: Fixed base – 4,1 lbs. Plunge base – 6,2 lbs.

Soft Start/Horsepower

When you are buying a router, you need to check some of its features first. You will agree with us when we say that the most important thing to look for is the motor horsepower ratings. As one of the smallest wood routers on the market, the DeWalt DWP611pk includes a 1,25 peak HP motor.

It delivers great power and generates high torque. This tool is compatible for heavy duty designs, but it’s best to stick with the lighter ones. Even though it’s a small size router, it has a lot of torque and power making it perfect for small tasks around the shop or house.

The soft start feature helps in keeping check on motor torque. It will temporarily decrease the electrical surge on the engine, and the load on the power train due to startup. We must say that this component is an excellent feature which helps to lower the stress on the motor.

working with dewalt dwp611pk compact router

Variable Speed

This wood router includes a changing speed feature that goes from one to six steps and range of 16000 to 27000 RPM. With it, you can set the ideal speed for the project you have. All you have to do is turn the variable dial that will allow you to determine the speed.

This great feature will minimize the startup twisting and avoid burning. If you set it between one and three, you can use it for larger diameter cutter and bits. You will have a range of 16000 to 20400 RPM.

For smaller diameter cutters and bits on laminates, plastics, or softwoods, it is the best to set the speed between four and six that will have a range of 22600 to 27000 RPM. Each regulation will give you about twenty to hundred RPM bump in speed. It will give you a large range of material and bit sizes that this small tool can handle.

We conclude that it is excellent for some smaller construction jobs or for a hobby. That depends on your personal preferences.

Fixed vs. Plunged Base

As we mentioned before, with the DeWalt wood router you will get the fixed and the plunge base. The fixed one includes a 360-micro adjustment ring and a locking lever to achieve the perfect depth of cuts anytime you use it. It works on a simple principle where ring raises the wood device up and down.

It is the best to use this base for edging and trimming.

As for the plunge one, it allows you to handle the 90 percent of the projects you are doing around the shop or your house. The primary requirement is that it needs to plunge evenly without hanging up when moving down and up. It will produce perfect cuts when you reduce the cutter into the part and out again.

So, we can say that the plunge action lever is easy to use and exceptionally smooth.

On the right side of the router, there is a 5-adjustable turret that will allow you to make a ¼ inch step down every time you want to regulate the depth and turn the dial. There is also a reference needle on the same side that is adjustable. You will easily control the router with the rubber handles.

It will also be easy to move it between the bases.

Bit Shank and Collet Size

As you probably already know, the collet is the steel sleeve that keeps in the wood router its bit. It is tightened down with its nut and works with the device’s shaft which is attached to the motor. When you are choosing the right router, it’s important to check out the bit shank size.

Its most typical dimensions are ½ and ¼ inches. When you are purchasing the DeWalt DWP611, make sure to get a smaller size collet because it’s not made for heavy duty job that requires full cutters.

Would Router – Cutting Depth

When choosing a good quality router, the next thing to look at is its cutting depth. With the adjustment ring, you can manage router bit depth changes to within 1/64 inches. Also, it has an extended eight slot collet, making it easier to loosen and tighten up the bits.

You have up to 2 inches travel depth with the plunge base and 1.5 inches with the standard one. It will make a secure and smooth operation every time you use it. Its low pressure, large spindle lock switch, which provides single wrench changes, is responsible for achieving these adjustments.

The clamping mechanism and depth ring united in the machine ensures that the motor is locked in the position. The router or combo kit includes the hex wrench for its bit changes. The great thing about this router is that allows you easy access to the button which changes bits.

Some Additional Features

With the D-shape base, this router has increased visibility and improved stability during any radius or edging cut. Also, on both sides, it has a spring-loaded quick release tab that allows easy and fast base removal.

Its base construction and aluminum lightweight motor provide durability. The rubbery, flexible power button includes a plastic lid that protects it from the wood and dust pieces. This way, you will avoid motor failure and premature switch.

To help you find the next marked area or to make cutting easier the router includes two LED lights. They are placed on the bottom.

We concluded that this router is very powerful, so you need to use it with some limits.  Some of the projects that router can handle are hinge and hardware installation, finish-carpentry tasks and radius cuts, trimming and dadoes. With its long cord (8 foot, 120 Volt, 18 gauge) that includes three prong plugs it will allow enough length to use it on the work site or around the shop.
You can hold the pieces of the router in a nylon bag or any other accessories that you have or bought such as guides or bits.

The next thing that is worth mentioning is a three-year limited warranty so you can repair any break downs or mistakes due to faulty craft or materials. And that is not all; their gadgets are also covered with one-year insurance meaning that they will fix any broken piece caused by regular use, free of charge.

You must be wondering can this wood router make a circle?

Well, the answer is yes, you can make circles with the cutting jig. But, you should know that it is sold separately.

Different Accessories

After some research, we found that you can buy separately some accessories that go with this model. For example, DNP615 Dust Collection Adapter for a Fixed Base Routers, the DNP616 Dust Collection Adapter for a Plunge Base and the DNP618 Edge Guide for Fixed Base Compact Routers.

How to Use it?

When you purchase this wood router, you should read the manual carefully. We concluded that it is not ideal for heavy jobs such as excavating mortise on the hardwood or making miles on molding. However, you can manage most routing jobs using this combo kit.

The important thing when determining whether to use the plunge or the fixed base for your trimming is to identify the particular type of task.

What Makes This Tool Easy to Use?

  1. Ergonomic features: Its design and features make it easy to use as they improve general performance of the router, control, and visibility.
  2. Variable Speed feature: You can choose the speed that is perfect for the task you are handling and efficiently manage the router. It also helps in selecting material to use in all speed ranges and the types of the bit.
  3. Five positions adjustable turret: It will assist the wood worker to control the depth of the cuts for precise and accurate cuts.

Minor Repairs and Maintenance

Each tool and machine in your workshop require waxing and basic cleaning. It is important to clean the accessories and let them dry after using them. Place the parts in their particular casings to prevent any loss or damages.

Depending on the extent of the damage, you could do some minor repair. It is a little difficult to reach the cullet nut for repairs, but it is not impossible. If you are facing problems with your wood router within three years, use your warranty to get free repairs.


You can buy The DeWalt DWP611PK Compact Router for a very affordable price. The good thing is that this router includes a plunge base, so you don’t have to buy it separately. However, the extra guides and bits do not appear in this combo kit.


After some researching and testing, we gave the router a 9/10 for performance rating because it will allow you to accomplish almost any smaller sized task and still be reliable, comfortable and stable. For Value rating, we gave it 8/10 because it provides an excellent benefit of having both plunge and fixed base.


With the power, easy-to-use, ergonomics features the DeWalt DWP611PK 1.25HP Wood Router quickly becomes a do-all kit. It is ideal for small projects such as furniture building, flush cuts, simple edge treatments and round overs. It will become your favorite tool thanks to its compact size that does not sacrifice the performance or the features.

This router is a perfect option for those wood crafters who are starting out. As a small tool, it is quite handy for different wood tasks. Even if you have a bigger router, sometimes it is easier to do the job with the smaller one.

So, it is also a good option for intermediate and advanced workers.

DeWalt wood router is a highly powerful device and easy to use. It has both advanced and basic features which will suit both the professional wood worker and the hobbyist. But, if you want a device that can handle the heavy-duty projects in your shop or house, then you might want to try some bigger router.