When it comes to woodcutting, your creativity and the possible outcome of using it to create carpentry wonders, there are literally no limits to what you can create. Since ancient times, people have been using wood to create all sorts of contraptions, mechanism, and even structures. These contraptions helped us perform our everyday actions with ease. And what changed since then?

Nothing, except the way we process wood and cut it. Technology allowed us so much, and it still continues to do so. Having a woodcutter, router or any other tool for precise woodwork allows you to create so much and change the interior of your house without spending thousands of dollars on expensive furniture.

But is this all that you can do? It certainly is not. So if you’re wondering what you can do with a decent tool for wood cutting, here’s a list of ideas that might inspire you to start creating wonders today!

Create a Unique Crib

Buying IKEA’s furniture is one thing, but assembling it all by yourself while following their complicated manuscript is completely another thing. It can be annoying. So why bother? Why don’t you create your own furniture? If you have a child that’s in need of a decent crib now, you can use your carpentry skills and create a unique crib for your kid. It’s the easiest project that you’ll invest time in, so let’s get started.

First, you’ll need to choose the type of wood that you want to construct your crib from. Depending on your financial situation and your carpentry skills you can choose from a variety of wood types.

To avoid complications in the process of creating it, look for softer material. Now that you chose the material it’s time for sketching. Draw a quick sketch of how you want it to look and then add some numbers to it.

image of a wooden crib

Numbers will, of course, define the lengths of each part. Now that you’ve prepared everything it’s time for some woodcutting. Start by cutting the base elements such as legs and body of the crib. Once you get those, create smaller planks that will connect the sides of the crib. Naturally, depending on your sketched concept you may invest as little time as one day into this project or weeks.

playing chess

Chess Board

Do you like chess? If not you probably have someone close to you who’s absolutely insane about this ancient game of simulated battle. If so, you can create the perfect gift for them that you can deliver on any special occasion like birthday, anniversary or even Christmas. Creating a chess board is fairly easy.

All you have to do is cut two equally-sized panels and use them as top and bottom parts of a box. To do this, you’ll need four planks of equal size, identical in length to both front and bottom panel. Then create another three planks that will be same in size to the width of those two panels. After you’re done, it’s time for assembly.

Start by gluing all the pieces together so that they form a box. Now all that’s left to do is to paint the panels and create a familiar chess board pattern on them. You can accessorize the chess box any way you want it. This way the present will look unique and customized to their tastes.

Iphone and Tablet Holder

We all love to spend time with our phones, more than we should actually. But no matter how much you’d love to use these devices all day, they need to charge. Most of the times they’re charging you won’t be using them. So why not make an awesome phone stand from wood for them?

This will add to your interior’s aesthetic and at the same time hold your phone while charging. So start by designing it as always. Think of a shape or icon that you’re fond of the most. Then transfer it to paper and finally, materialize it with your carpentry skills. Create matchstick man or anything similar, but make sure that you leave one extremity to hold the phone.

wooden phone stand

Don’t know which type of wood to use?
You can inquire here about the type of wood for your iPhone holder project, or if you’ve already set your mind on a specific material go for it. It shouldn’t be too hard to do this one as all you need is a stand to fixate your phone in one spot, and another piece, in whatever shape you want, to hold the back of the phone. Your friends will be amazed with your ingenuity and you, on the other hand, will always have a place to charge your phone.

Custom Made Table

Every homeowner needs a table in their house. And being that you have some woodworking skills, you can create your own table that’ll perfectly fit in your living room or kitchen. Why spend thousands of dollars on someone else’s design, when you can create your own fully customizable table.

The most important thing when creating a table is to pick the right material. You can make it entirely out of wood or add other elements like steel and glass. Being that It’s a massive piece of furniture, it should be sturdy and strong enough to endure weight.

This being said you should pick hard wood like Pine, Mahogany, Cherry or Walnut. It will be harder to cut, but luckily you have all the right tools for this job. Having any Bosh model or this one, in particular, will make this job a lot easier.

wooden coffee table

So how to start with this project? First, imagine a shape that you want. Do you want it to be rectangular, square shaped or maybe you have a specific shape in mind? Whatever your design is, put it on paper first. You can add dimensions and precisely determine where each part will go.

Once you’re done drawing and sketching your ideal table model, head to your workplace. Cut all the pieces carefully, remember that all parts should be thick enough so this, naturally, implies that you won’t cut it as easily as a plank. So be sure not to damage the saw, or hurt yourself while cutting these thick pieces of hardwood.

Change the saw before you start and inspect your router for any malfunction or damage on cables. You wouldn’t want to stop in the middle of your project due to technical reasons.

Retractable Chair

Summertime is here, and if you love to spend time with your friends on your porch or backyard during this period, you’ll need classy chairs that suit your friends social status. Luckily you carpentry skills can make this happen. Why bother crafting sophisticated chairs that break, when you can make a retractable chair that is portable and easy to use. These folding chairs aren’t necessarily uncomfortable to sit it. On the contrary, they can prove to be quite cozy, presumably that you use the right design.

So what is it that makes a chair comfortable?

First, the back of the chair should provide support for spine so try to make it in a slightly bent ‘S’ shape. Next, you’ll need a suitable material so sit on. So explore various materials and find the best cushion for your new project. Then it’s time for woodworking. Step into your carpentry office and start cutting.

Build an ‘x’ shape by cutting four equally shaped planks. Make sure that they can endure the weight up to 100 kg, this way almost anyone will be able to use your chair. Drill a small hole that you’ll use to place a bar to hold your frame.

You can use metal or iron bar. Although if you chose cherry or walnut as your crafting material, it should prove to be sufficient for supporting any weight. Also, include armrest in your concept of a folding chair.

retractable chair

Now that you’ve created the base of your chair, it’s time to craft the back and seat. Cut a medium sized board to create a seat and be sure to drill the hole, equal in size to the one in your ‘x’ shaped base of the chair that you previously built.  The bar that connects the base should also go through the seat. Now all that’s left to do is to cut two planks in a slightly bent ‘L’ shape. Glue both pieces together and secure them with bolts, and connect them to your rocking chair concept by attaching the seat to the back of the chair. You’re nearly done!

All you need to do now is attach a cushion and customize your chair. You can carve some symbols along the back of the chair,  draw a logo or your trademark. If you’re adept in pyrography you can draw whatever you want and increase the value of your chair, should you choose to sell it later. The final step is polishing and applying a protective layer. This will ensure that your chair endures countless seasons, and provide the best aesthetic look as well as comfort to those that sit in it.