Hitachi M12V2 Router

Customer Rating



  • Lots of power
  • Smooth plunge action
  • Variable speeds from 8000 to 22000 RPM
  • Outstanding base plate
  • Stable and heavy duty
  • Accurate plunge depth scale
  • Accessible spindle lock
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories
  • Flat edge baseplate


  • The plunge lock is hard to operate with one hand
  • The lock loses grip because of vibrations
  • Can’t be used for fine woodwork
  • The motor doesn’t have a brake
If you need a router, it’s best you get one that has the best values for the price you pay, and the Hitachi M12V2 is precisely that. Why? Well, you get everything you would with a full-size router, but at a much lower price and in a compact product. The router works well and can help you finish up many different woodworking projects over the house.

What do you get?

Upon purchase, you will receive all the necessary equipment you need for all types of woodwork you could do with this router. You will get a 1/2-inch collet, a smaller 1/4-inch collet, a straight guide that will make trimming and edging much easier, a centering gauge, a dust adapter, wing screws, and the wrench needed to change bits.

Design and build

We have to say that as far as the design goes, the Hitachi M12V2 looks great. It looks like some device from an alien movie because of the green and black plastic cover. You can see right away that this is a product that’s made to last. Everything looks and feels durable and well-made. The machine weighs in at almost 14 pounds which is a bit heavy, but that’s the price durability.

This is perhaps the best plunge router from Hitachi, and it packs quite a punch. The 3.5 HP motor is designed to tackle heavy duty jobs with ease. Every component used to build this tool is of top quality, including the seamless plastic top.

What’s more important is that the center axis of the motor and the base plate are aligned perfectly. Each unit is hand tested before it leaves the factory.

The motor can produce 15 amps of power, putting it among the most potent routers you can buy today. You can use a switch to control the power of the motor anywhere between 8000 and 22000 RPM. The motor is a bit slow at lower speeds, but it can still perform as you expect it to. The on/off switch is located conveniently next to your right thumb, and you don’t have to hold it down the entire time you’re working.

The base of the Hitachi M12V2 has a circular shape, and the rear is straight to allow the guide fence to be attached. The subbase is made out of plastic and is held in place with four screws. You have to take it off and use the same holes to attach the router to a workbench.

Features of the Hitachi M12V2

Apart from providing lots of power and being able to finish up all kinds of woodworking projects, this router has a couple of useful features that make operating it very smooth and easy. The soft-start tech built in the unit helps you make perfect cuts even on the hardest wood. This tool is very popular among carpenters and woodworkers.
Hitachi M12V2

The router is easily customizable as it comes with plenty of accessories, all designed to make different woodworking jobs easier. Changing bits is super easy, and it takes only a couple of seconds. You can quickly change the router to a plunger or attach it to a table if working on larger projects. The collets that come with this router give you even more versatility.

Every tool coming from Hitachi has an ergonomic shape, and this one is no exception. The two large handles on each side give you control and enhance comfort. The weight of the router keeps it stable while you work so that you can route with only one hand. The handles are coated with an elastic compound that reduces vibration, prevents slipping and gives you maximum control over your work. The dust guide is there to protect the motor and work surface from debris, keeping your workspace clear so you can concentrate on the cuts.

The adjustable depth stops and rotating turret are very accurate, so you can use the machine for decorative woodwork. The depth scale is also impressive, and it has both metric and imperial units. The mechanism looks a bit odd, but it works well and is super accurate, which is the most important thing.

What’s wrong with the product?

Let’s just be clear on one thing first, the positives of this product far outweigh the negatives of router, that’s for sure. With that said, we think that the plunge lock is a little hard to use with one hand, especially during cutting. The plunge lock can also make some problems because it loses grip due to vibration so you’ll have to check the depth often. Also, the weight and size of the machine make it too bulky for fine woodwork, but then again, it’s not what it’s made for.


If you want to buy a full-size router that can work with hardwood and help you finish all kinds of jobs quickly and effortlessly, the Hitachi M12V2 is the ideal pick for you. It provides the power and the performance you would usually expect from a tool that’s much more expensive than this one. Furthermore, it’s well-engineered and features a plunge mechanism so that you can use it as a plunger too. The only real drawback has to be the plunge lock that just gets in the way.

This is not a tool that’s designed for fine work; it’s a heavy tool for heavy work. It’s easy to operate, you have plenty of control and options, and the machine comes with all of the extra parts you could need. So, if you want to buy a plunger router that will work like a charm for years, this is without the one for you.