JessEm Mast R-Lift Excel II Product Image

Customer Rating



  • Exceptional accuracy that includes optional digital gauge
  • Large 32 x 24 inches phenolic table top
  • Ergonomic, superb crank handle with the solid locking
  • Well machined, high quality design


  • It is easy to scratch phenolic table which is highly visible

First Impression

This table is an excellent addition to your workshop as it fits most routers that include cylindrical motors. It has a side crank that makes sliding effortless, and it is extremely ergonomic. The development that is most obvious at this product and which separates it from the previous one is the method of the bit height adjusting.

On the router table, top’s infinite side is attached an ergonomic, large crank handle. Unwanted movements during routing operations are prevented by cam lock which is very efficient and locks in position the adjustment crank. In practice that worked perfectly, meaning that JessEm once again has done a great job combining efficient locking and the ease of use.

As you assemble it, you will see that it is a well-machined product, where everything fits perfectly, thanks to the high-quality design. With this system the level of precision is fantastic. If you are looking the table that will do the job exactly as you want it, then this unit is a perfect option for you.


The Top of the Router Table

Its top is made from phenolic resin that is used for the surface’s low-friction and dimensional stability. The product dimensions are 32 x 24 x ¾ inches thick. On the underside of it are screwed  2 L-section reinforcements. The JessEm manufacturers pre-drilled the top to fit directly to their router table stand, but it can be mounted to some other one too.

This top includes extruded T-track which accepts additions such as hardware ¼ inch for mounting fixtures and feather boards or miter gauge with ¾ inch runners. Speaking of additional features, this one includes four inches dust extraction that is located on the table top’s underside. That will provide much better results than the regular one.

The Router Lift

The lift system that is located under the table operates the same substantial spindle, rigid guide and mounting brackets as JessEm’s Mast R Lift ll. It also includes a double sealed 6 bearings that provide secure, smooth operation with routers that are industrial-sized, and long life.

This unit is adaptable with these fixed base machines: the Rigid R29302, Craftsman 17543/17540/28190, Milwaukee 5625/5615/5616/5619, Hitachi KM12VC and M12VC, Makita 1101, DeWalt 610/618/616, Bosch 1617/1618, and the Porter Cable 7518/690/890.


Having a complete system is an excellent thing, especially when it comes at this price. We can’t say it is cheap, but for this kind of product which includes the complete system, it is not too pricey either. If you already have a fence system and also own a stand, then this is not a product for you. But if you want to purchase these things separately, that will cost you more than this product alone.


One of the first things most people notice about this product is its adjustments. You will see that it is the well-machined product, where everything fits perfectly, thanks to the high-quality design. The 3-5/8 inches high by 36 inches long anodized, the extruded aluminum fence is easy to position, rigid and straight.

To provide simple product carriage travel, this product has guide rods that are fitted into deep sockets with the bases that are large-diameter. That creates a stiff construction that withstand racking. When entirely raised the lift places the unit’s collet above the surface of the table, providing quick access for convenient and easy bit changes.


  • The product includes the handwheel that is easily accessed, and that is located on the table’s right side. It directly drives the router carriage, replacing the way where you would use a removable crank. The handwheel regulates the bit of the router, and using the built-in cam lock, secures it in position. That will provide a fantastic accuracy. The handwheel in use behaves and feels like a high-quality engineering’s piece.
  • On the other router lift setups, you will notice that the lift mechanism fits, to the removable mounting place. But on this unit, it directly mounts to the top table’s underside. That is a perfect solution if you want to install the router permanently on the table.
  • This unit construction provides quick access to convenient and easy bit changes which doesn’t require cranked wrenches. Like any other system on the market, you will find that this is also simple to use. As soon as you assemble it, you begin to appreciate the grand design of it while not taking much space.
  • From the moment you take everything out of the box, the whole setup is straightforward, and it takes a couple of hours since the manufacturer’s instructions are easily understandable. Everything is well explained so there won’t be any confusion or mistakes. The ruggedness and reasonable weight allow customization keeping the room area as low as possible.
Mast-R-Lift Excel II Table

Things We Didn’t Like

As we already mentioned it is very easy to scratch the phenolic table. The bad part is that this can be highly visible. So if you are one of those people who love’s free of scratch equipment, that will surely annoy you.

Another thing we have noticed is that some users have complained about not being able to move the table once it is assembled. Speaking of setting this product up, pay attention to the manual because if you are not following instructions correctly, it can be tough to put together the product.


Despite few negative reviews, we must say that we enjoyed using the JessEm Mast-R-Lift Excel II Router Table Top which includes integral lift of the router. Thanks to its well machined, high-quality design you will get one of the best router tables on the market which contains the complete system. Adding it to your woodworking collection is an excellent choice if you are looking for full equipment.