Kreg PRS1045 Precision Router Table System

Customer Rating



  • Exceptional versatility
  • Large usable working area
  • Offers lots of customization
  • Durable and high-quality build
  • Allows for high level of precision
  • Plenty of included accessories


  • Online manual is a must read
  • Needs more time setting up and adjusting
  • Considerably pricier than competition
  • Fit and finish could be better for this price
Simply put, there are projects that demand you to perform more although often there is a time penalty when you have to switch places and gear too often. Getting a single router table that offers precision and versatility is rare and most of the time includes drawbacks that can at times be a true deal breaker. You can imagine our surprise during our time reviewing and using Kreg PRS1045 Precision Router Table System that promises that it is suitable for almost all tasks you might need completing.

While it may sound like the perfect router table for both professionals and DIY users is an improbability – we are glad we were proved wrong in this case! Finally, there is a complete system that saves you both time and space in the workshop. Our review is off to a good start so let’s go into more detail on exactly why this might be a great new addition for you.

Adapts to Your Requirements

Being a multi-purpose table is an achievement in itself seeing how we all need to shift position and swap places on our woodworking projects. When precision demands it no one should spare on their gear to cut corners and spend more time unnecessarily. The key to efficiency is to not spend most of your work on the move. The PRS1045 Table system promises to keep you in one spot with the only occasional movement for repositioning.

It is fully adjustable and we appreciate the fact that there was lots of thinking during the design process by the manufacturer about all possible usage scenarios. The thoughtful layout allows users to fit powerful saws and keeps vibration of the whole platform at low levels. This helps precision and also reduces fatigue, especially during long hour sessions.

The Design

As soon as you assemble the whole system you begin to appreciate the nice construction frame that feels sturdy and durable while not taking much space. It allows for lots of customization and allows its users to fit pre-made cabinets while still accepting the DIY ones that you might already have. The whole setup from the moment you take everything out of the box and read the manual takes less than a couple of hours since the instructions are very straightforward with easy to understand explanations.
The use of high-quality materials on connecting joints and working surfaces means that this system will last a lifetime for sure. The considerable weight and ruggedness allow customizations while keeping the room space as low as possible.

Moving around the working surface and pivoting is non restrictive and allows for lots of movement freedom. Because of the smart design, you will be able to fit big cabinets and dust storage space with ease. Anyone working in smaller size workshops will appreciate its compact size the most.

The steel stand is fully adjustable and the whole system is also self-squaring which even beginners will learn to appreciate over time. With its 60 pounds of weight, it will stay in position and keep your working table in one place to allow for precision work. It is compatible with a vast majority of router tables on the market so in the end, it will all depend on how you want to customize your working bench.

The Features

Looking at it as a  whole deal, there is a lot of kit that you get for a reasonable asking price if you ask us. The included work table measures 24” x 32” inches in size with a 1” thick MDF core. The work surface area uses a proprietary Easy-Slide layer which offers truly low levels of resistance. The insert plate measures ⅜” inches thick and 91/4” x 113/4” with three Level-Loc reducing rings and four precision insert plate levelers.
Kreg-PRS1045 Features

You also get a micro adjustment measuring scale, heavy-gauge steel stand that offers from 29” and up to 35” height setting and four leg levelers.

As for the table saws that you will be able to use on this table system – from our experience – we were using models with up to 3 hp without any issues. The platform is stable and secure and offers total precision no matter what you’re working on. The user manual is easy to understand which makes the whole set-up an easy experience and relatively fast at that. For more details be sure to consult the online manual too.

Things We Didn’t Like

We dislike the fact that the fit and finish of the whole system are lackluster at some places and it is disappointing to see that there are manufacturing mishaps on a relatively expensive product.

Experienced users will manage to correct some misalignments while DIY enthusiasts might possibly struggle to perform corrections. The higher complexity of the whole package will also appear daunting for beginners that might not need the whole system especially since there are more affordable alternative router table models available on the market.


Kreg PRS1045 Precision Router Table System earns our recommendation with ease due to its exceptional value and versatility. You will be surprised the most by the fact that you will be able to use any type of power tool with an incredible amount of precision. While you might feel that you will be spending more on projects that are not as demanding – we suggest thinking long and hard about what happens when your current shop needs to grow.

As your skill improves you will need to invest more in your gear so why not do it all at once at a reasonable value.Whether you’re a pro or a beginner craftsmen we feel like you gain a lot with such a great all in one system.It will certainly be a perfect addition to any size of a workshop for sure.