Kreg PRS2100

Customer Rating



  • Affordable
  • Light frame
  • Easy for transport
  • Precise and steady
  • Wide top table


  • No additional router holes
  • The absence of tool cabinet
  • Poor technical support
  • Hard to dismantle
Do you consider yourself to be a woodworking enthusiast? Do you enjoy making amazing wood sculptures, furniture, and decorative ornaments? Then you definitely have a favorite router table in your workshop. If you haven’t acquired one already, now’s your time.

But, before you can do anything, you’ll need to pick the right model for your carpentry style. Luckily you’re in the right place, as we’ll review one of the best router table models on the market. Here’s what KREG PRS2100 Bench Router Table has to offer regarding pros and cons, features and everything else it has to offer.

What it has to Offer?

After you chose this model, order it and unpack it in your workshop, you’ll notice that it offers a lot more than a regular router table. First of all, it has aluminum 16’’ x 24’’ table top that allows easy and precise woodcarving and woodcutting. The wood slides with ease towards the router which can be adjusted to various heights.

Next to this, there’s a fairly easy to use featherboard that provides additional support and grip. The frame is indeed unique as it allows easy transport as well as stability. Its sturdy, heavy duty, steal-stand allows maximum stability and precision when cutting wood.

This model also features rubber grip on all four legs that guarantees that your table won’t move an inch even while cutting extra-large pieces of wood. It weighs only 28 pounds, so you won’t have trouble moving it from one side of your workshop to another.

The Design

There’s no doubt about it, KREG PRS2100 Bench Router Table has one of the most unique designs currently available on the market. It comprises of an extra light top table that’s made out of aluminum. But that’s not all; it has a steel frame that allows stability when cutting larger wood pieces, all four legs have a rubber end that further increase stability and precision when cutting extra-large wood pieces.

Having trouble moving your tools? With this model, you won’t have those or any other transport related problems as the whole table weights around 28 pounds. And here’s another good news. If you want to dismantle it, all you’ll need is a pair of wrenches and a screwdriver, and the job will be done within minutes.

It comes in various colors although you’ll mostly find it in default blue. With its four-legged frame, you’ll be able to really lean on it and easily access those hard to get corners. We all know how hard it can be to carve an oversized piece of wood. Many professional carpenters buy additional tools or even whole router tables to get those angles right.

With this model, you won’t have any similar problems, nor the need to get additional router tables or tools in the first place.

The Features

We can’t praise enough this model as everything about it proves that it is indeed one of the best models of router tables currently on the market. But let’s start from the top.

First there the leveling device that comes with the model. This means that you won’t need to use other leveling tools as the one that comes with your purchase is extremely precise at determining the vertical alignment. Many carpenters use various tools simultaneously while using their router tables, but with KREG PRS2100; you won’t need any other tool.

2100prs Kreg

Next to this, there’s the ease of use of the router itself and various extensions that you can add. There nothing worse than having to stop in the middle of your woodcutting session only to change the extension and access that hard to get a spot.

With this model, you won’t have any similar problems as you can adjust and modify the height at which the router is fixed in an instant. This way you can pause your woodcutting project for a second and change the extension for fine carving or the angle of cutting.

And what about stability? Because this model features rubber leveling feet, you don’t have to worry about maintaining precision or stability. So every time you have a large wood piece in front of your, or a project that requires extreme precision when cutting, you can rely on these leveling rubber feet.

There are also various disks that come with each model. They will make your every woodworking project go smooth as ever. Why are they so important? Well they will allow harder grip of your router and your cutting extensions. This means that every time you change your router or extension, you’ll have to place the disk that goes with that extension and router model. But don’t think this is complicated, as this model is easiest for assembly.

This is another feature that should be mentioned. If you want to transport it or simply move it from one corner of your workshop to another, you’ll find the task at hand extremely easy as this model weighs 28.4 pounds in total.


Finding the right tools for your workshop can be hard, but not if you know where and what to look for. But having a task in front of you that considers equipping your entire workshop various the tool and all sorts of woodworking machines can seem difficult. Luckily you can always rely on us to present with reviews of various router table models, guides, and additional guidance.

KREG PRS2100 Bench Router Table is a decent router table that suits every carpenter’s needs. It comes with essential tools and accessories, and let’s not forget how affordable it is. It’s also lightweight, so moving and transportation won’t present a problem. To sum it all up, this just might be one of the best, if not the best, router table model currently on the market regarding price and what it has to offer.

So if you had any doubts about this model, we hope that while reading through this review you’ve assured yourself that it will indeed perform to the highest wood cutting standards. You don’t have to pay for high-tech overpriced router tables as they will perform evenly or worse than this model. So instead of spending hundreds of dollars unnecessary, you can get KREG PRS2100 Bench Router Table for the considerably lower price and same or even better features than most models.