Makita RT0701CX7 Product Image

Customer Rating



  • Compact, agile, and powerful
  • Variable speed settings
  • Fence works well
  • Durable
  • Can reach corners easily
  • Comes with wrenches
  • Soft start feature


  • The motor drops when you remove the base
  • Sight lines are not visible enough
  • No dust shield
  • Fence could have a bigger range

Makita is one of the most famous names in the power tool industry. Their products have always been on the very top of the market because they are very well-crafted and stand out because it has many great features loved by craftsmen of all kinds.

The Makita RT0701CX7 1-1/4 HP is a compact hand router that provides all the power, precision, and performance you could need around the house or in your woodworking shop. The product was engineered to be able to tackle many different applications and features like the speed control and soft-start help you produce exceptional work.

What do you get?

This machine comes with all the accessories including a plunger base and an offset base; both are very useful for woodworking. The offset base is ideal for reaching spaces in tight corners giving you more freedom when molding. You’ll also get an edge guide, a couple of dust nozzles, a template guide, and a carrying bag.

Design and Build

You can see that the Makita RT07001CX7 is a well-made tool right away. The finish of the motor and base are outstanding, and it’s evident that the device was designed for professional woodworkers and carpenters. The motor housing is made out of a single steel cast with no seams. You won’t find any loose parts on this router.

For such a small device, this one packs quite a powerful motor that produces up to 6.5 amps of power. You can change the speed while working and it can produce up to 30000 RPM.


The soft-start feature is a nice addon because it helps you make precise cuts at the beginning of a project. You can change the motor speed with a nice little turning wheel on top of the router.

The spindle lock on the router helps you change bits quickly and easily. The spindle is locked in place by a red button next to the collet. If you want to use a wrench rather than the spindle lock, you can find it in the box.

We already mentioned that the base is made out of a single piece of steel. You will see that the back of the base is covered with black plastic and it gives you a better grip and increases comfort. There are a couple of mounting guide brushings located on the plate grooves, and they are ideal for edging and fine, precise cuts.

The weight of this router is 3.9 pounds! It is one of the lightest routers, and it can outperform many other routers on the market. When it comes to maintenance, there is not much you have to do other than clear the air vents of any wood chips or debris. This product will last for years if you use it right, so it’s a high pick.

Features of the Makita RT0701CX7

For such a small router, this one has plenty of clever and useful features for a carpenter or an experienced woodworker. Let’s start right from the top with the electronic speed control that helps you keep a constant speed while working. That’s very useful if you’re working with a piece that’s made out of different wood types.

The soft start feature is a standard for routers like this one. It means that the motor starts working at low RPM until you are sure that the initial cut is aligned and precise. The high visibility base gives you a clear view of the work area at all times which means better control and performance.

Furthermore, the base is attached in a way that lets you take it off quickly and replace it with other bits in seconds. The motor is made out of aluminum that makes it more durable and resistant than standard steel motors. The shaft lock system is excellent. Use the lever to release the base and clamp another one in place right away.

The flat top has a great design and works well while you change bits. The depth scale located on the back of the router is one of the best we’ve seen so far because the numbers are nice and clear so you can keep an eye on your cutting depth at all times. You can readjust the depth with a specially designed system where the smallest change makes a difference. This is perhaps one of the best routers for edging, trimming, and decorative woodwork.

RT0701CX7 zoomed image

The Makita RT0701C is the result of years of testing and tool improving. The guys from Makita apparently worked closely with professional carpenters and woodworkers to come up with this fantastic design. Every part feels like it was carefully placed there after lots of experimenting. This is a tool that you’ll love because it’s going to make some carpeting jobs much more comfortable.

What’s Wrong with the Product

The first thing that we found a bit problematic happens when you take the base off. The motor is then free to fall out, so you have to be careful not to damage it. The sight lines are also a little hard to see. The dust shield doesn’t exist, which is kinda weird considering that it’s just a small but significant feature. Other than these minor details, the Makita RT0701C is excellent.


The Makita RT0701C is a small and capable hand-held router that’s built to last. All of the materials used are great; the motor has plenty of power so you can use this router on the hardest types of wood. Many professional carpenters use this tool because it’s reliable and easy to master. When you consider the asking price and compare it to other similar routers, this one is definitely worth buying. Make your woodworking projects simpler with this fantastic small tool.