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Customer Rating



  • Easy to Use
  • Powerful motor
  • Great Variable speed
  • Soft-start feature
  • Made for different rotor bit cutting applications and diameters
  • Operating manual, collet wrench, ½-inch collet, fixed base, and motor included


  • Limited speed
  • The control slider switch of the speed seemed ultra-sensitive to soft touch and a little loose
  • The unit is a bit heavy

First Impression

It is difficult to find a reliable router that can be used in various materials and in any woodworking project that would require a lot of dimensions and cuts. Choosing the right one that will fit your needs is a very tricky task. That’s why we did the research about this Porter Cable router and came to the conclusion that it has the best features and most positive feedback from other users.

The Porter Cable 7518 router is highly efficient and one of the most reliable power tools on the market. Although typical in its quality and style, it includes extreme power and innovative features. You will hardly find other wood routers which can outperform the reliability and ability of this machine.

The user will never run short of power because this device can handle any router. Because of its variable speed and high motor capacity, you will be able to create different cuts sizes in various materials for all your projects. Speaking of its power, when you begin using it, you will have the significant amount of control over this machine.

Do not be intimidated by its size. It is very easy to use both mounted on the table or as a handheld router. It includes large cast integrated handles for gripping, wide base and a soft start. And one thing that we liked the most is that it doesn’t vibrate when it is working.

It also includes some other features that we will write in this review, so you can have all the information possible and decide whether it will fit your needs.

If you want to know more about this powerful tool, all you have to do is read on.


1. Motor Power

One of the best features of this tool is the motor. At 3.25 HP and 15 Amp, it is quite capable for hard woodworking tasks and produces outstanding power. While routing, you will have a consistent RPM for the highest quality finish and cuts. It includes coil spring/relief system that is placed around the engine so it can protect it from external damage, and tear or wear.

The unit will automatically shut off in case of overheating, thanks to its internal thermal circuitry. That removes any chance for you to burn the machine, even when you work with the toughest materials. This great feature doesn’t allow it.

When you have the router that is powerful as this one, you will be able to perform the task more efficiently and to work with different materials that are tougher than wood. Speaking of sturdier materials, you can arm this router with solid carbide so it can bore and trim sheets of metal easier. This product is an ideal option for you if your project requires power.

Another great thing about the motor is that it includes a soft-start feature that will provide material preservation and ease of use. This technology is great when you are working with the metal; you do not want the engine to start spinning on the first contact at 21000 RPM. That can cause damage to the material and health hazard to the user.

2. Variable Speed

Variable speed machine will allow you to perform more kinds of woodwork projects, increasing your outputs and productivity. It is an important factor which you need to consider when choosing the right router for you. This powerful tool has speed control of 10000 to 21000 RPM

These settings will provide you to work with different materials, which makes this device a powerful, versatile tool. There is also another feature that will prevent this tool under-power when performing hard work. This great patent constant response circuit helps monitors and maintains the speed under load to provide overload protection and constant performance.

3. Base Fixed vs. Plunge

The thing you might not like is that this router does not have a plunge base as it comes with the fixed one only. With it, you will get an extreme precision of up to 1/64 inch, which is way more than many of woodworkers will need in their shop. The router’s base-plate which is seven inches large will keep the device stable while operating with it.

Another great feature is the miter gauge, which will make simple to control the adjustment bit setting and once you set it, it will stay locked in position. In simpler words, the fixed base is user-friendly, and it is best to use it for edge trimming.

4. Router Bits

The part that determines the ending results and makes contact with the different material is called the router bit. This product includes a collet with an auto-release mechanism that will make easier for you to change the bit sizes. Needless to say, that it can fit ¼ inch collet size although it comes with ½ inch one. You might find the ¼ one too small for this unit, but there are specific projects that can be done by it.

5. Simple Adjustment

The first thing most users notice about this powerful router is its adjustments. You will be able to regulate anything, from the bit accuracy to collet size. What makes these adjustments easy to use, is twist and lock mechanism. Bear in mind, that the last speed setting is memorized, and it will remember it when you shut off the tool.

Awesome Durability and Stability

This fantastic machine is constructed with extreme durability and incredible feature set. The sealed construction of the ball-bearing will keep the dust away from it and out of the vital inner components which will ensure longer life. Did you know that one of the primary reasons why routers die is the sawdust? So, it is great to know that the manufacturers took care of this problem.

This power-tool has base and aluminum precision-machined engine housing that will handle any harsh and rough woodworking projects. And to provide stability and safety during these operations, the unit came with the integrated handles.


Versatile and High Powered

The Porter Cable router is made for various wood applications and cut dimensions in any material. You can adjust the speed in 5 levels and choose the one that is required for your project. It will provide you high-quality results because you will be able to make correct and precise cuts; even on the toughest materials, thanks to the 15 Amp engine power.

Convenient to Use

The machine includes soft-start features that will provide smooth startup and reduce torque. The good thing about this mechanism is that it will prevent possible accidents when turning it on.

Stable and Durable

This power-tool has base and precision machined aluminum engine that makes it durable to any harsh and rough woodworking projects. And to provide stability and safety during these operations, the unit came with the integrated handles. Speaking of safety and durability, this device comes with the sealed construction of the ball-bearing that will keep the dust out of the vital inner components which will ensure longer life.

Who Can Use This Router?

The powerful performance, capability, and versatility of this router make it the reliable unit in both home-use and professional setting. With 5 variable speed feature and high power engine, it will allow you to make various dimensions of material, cuts and be used to any woodworking job from toughest to simplest ones.

Customers Reviews

Before you choose the product that fit your needs, we recommend first to check the reviews and feedback from other users who already tested it. You won’t be surprised when we tell you that this unit has a lot of positive reactions. Some of them were amazed at its features and others about its power. They find that this tool works fantastic for any wood application and easy to use. There are a few drawbacks that we need to mention. For example, some users complained about the speed switch which has a short distance to the device’s switch on/off button, and that is a little loose.

Porter Cable 7518 from the Top


The woodworkers who are searching for the perfect router which can handle different projects and are passionate about their routine tasks, the Porter Cable product is the ideal option. This fantastic and powerful device will manage all your efficient easy and hard operations. As far as the price goes, it is an expensive model, but it will pay for itself in the long run. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a beginner, this product will become your favorite tool!