Triton TRA001

Customer Rating



  • Budget-friendly
  • Great value for the price
  • Powerful motor that’s not prone to overheating
  • Easy to use
  • Plenty of useful features
  • Soft start option
  • Durable and well-made


  • Some knobs tend to get loose over time due to vibrations
  • The safety cover gets in the way
  • The on and off switch can get jammed
  • The height mechanism is a little tricky to use
Right out of the box, the Triton TRA001 looks and feels well-built and sturdy. This is a real power tool with plenty of features that will come in handy in your woodworking shop. Features like the rack and pinion plunge dial that allows micro adjustments and the automatic spindle lock for wrench collet removal make this router stand out in the crowd. The switches on the right handle give you superior control and smooth operation, while the shaft lock blocks the power switch and prevents accidental starting. It also lets you change bits with a single hand, which is fantastic.

What do you get?

Triton is a well-trusted name in the industry, and they are known for making high-quality tools that have all the necessary features you need. The TRA001 is no exception. This product doesn’t come with many extra parts because they are all integrated into the device itself. With that said, you still get a 1/4-inch and a 1/2-inch collet with included capture nut, and a crank handle that will help you raise the router off the table.

The Design and Build

If you want to get a router that has a great value for the money you invest, this is exactly what you need. It has tons of useful features, but we’ll get to that in a couple of minutes. The first thing we have to talk about is the undeniable quality of engineering and materials used to make this router.
The device is made to be very easy to use and master. It’s made out of high-grade steel and durable plastic parts on top. It can work wonders with most types of wood, and it can perform in some ways, which gives this product a large area of application.

Everything feels very well-built and sturdy, what is just what you’d expect from a tool in this price range. Versatility is this tool’s stronger side, giving it an excellent value for your money.

The plunge stop system is very user-friendly, and it has three different stopping points as well as two measurements, all designed to make precision cuts. The shield system is also high-grade, and the multi-function fence can be used as a guide. Both can be removed in minutes with standard tools.

Features of the Triton TRA001

The first thing that we are going to mention is the incredible power of the motor inside of this unit. The 3.25 HP motor rotates the blade with speeds anywhere between 8000 and 21000 RPM. That makes it the most potent motor found in this type of routers, and there are a few jobs that it can’t handle.
Triton TRA001

This is a device that’s made for some heavy-duty woodworking, making it suitable even for professionals. Even so, the controls are straightforward and easy to use, you’ll master them after only a couple of minutes. All of the features on the router have been designed to make your work as comfortable as possible. The base router is stable, and it allows the user to make exact and smooth cuts.

When working on complex pieces of work, precision is fundamental, and this product provides it at all times. There is no need to measure three times before you cut because of the multi-purpose fence that gives you full control of the cutting at all times.

That means that you can make tiny cuts if you have the skills. The fall spring allows you to make fine adjustments as you work. The turret has three stages that make sure that every cut is the same.

One of the biggest selling points of this router is the automatic spindle lock that makes the most complex task much simpler.

The lock will keep everything in place while you change the tip with a single hand. A neat little feature that makes all the difference in our opinion.The control is impeccable as long as you’re working on softer wood types. You will depend on your own skills if you work with hardwood. Otherwise, the Triton TRA001 can make almost any type of cut you need including small and complex cuts.

Triton TRA001 tool
When it comes to safety, this router comes with a safety switch shutter lock that blocks the motor while changing modes. The air vets are added to protect the motor from flying debris, even if you work upside down. Maintenance is minimal, and with proper care, this product can serve you for years to come.

What’s wrong with the product

Some users argue that the safety lock feature only gets in the way when you plunge the router.  Also, adjusting the height of the router once it’s attached is a bit tricky too. It’s going to take some time until you get a feel for it. However, most users don’t have a problem with that, as it helps a lot when working on harder types of wood.

The weight of the router also seems to bother some users because they feel that you don’t have sufficient control when plunging, but that varies from person to person.


The Triton TRA001 is a router for every woodworker because it allows precise cuts and it’s super-effective for completing complex tasks. The features of the device will help you get more creative, and that will improve your woodworking skills in the long-run. It’s is a tool that provides tons of benefits, unlike any other you can buy on the market these days.

With so many features and options, one would think that you need experience to operate this router, but it’s effortless to use, so even beginners won’t have problems mastering it. The motor is powerful; it won’t overheat, you can change the bits very quickly and easily.

If you want to purchase a router that’s going to do everything you need it to for a long time to come, the Triton TRA001 is the only right choice.