Woodworking is much more than just a simple hobby where you attach a couple of random things and call it a project. This craft has created wonderful artifacts and continues to produce marvels of beauty. But, what are the things that we need to know about it?

We always recommend people to read about the woodworking as much as possible. Absorb the ideas about it by watching videos, reading books and spending time online. The more you learn in the beginning, the better woodworker you will be.


You will avoid a lot of mistakes and pitfalls that occur in this job if you know more about this profession in an early stage. In this article we will show you 12 woodworker tips that you need to know to avoid some issues.

If you want to know more, all you have to do is read on.

1. Idea – Have a Project in Your Mind

The first thing every woodworker needs to remember is to start any project with an idea. Knowing what tools you will need, what kind of wood you are going to use and having a plan, will ease the job. For example, you maybe want to make a guitar if you like them, or tobacco pipes if you need it.

The only limit you have is your imagination. Woodworking is all about doing and making what you really want and something you are going to use or sell. So, always start with an end in your mind. That maybe sounds strange, but the success is guaranteed. Let that be your compass for all the things you really want to make.

2. Have Your Woodworking Mini Library

Books about woodworking are very valuable and necessary if you are a beginner. Investing in good books about this craft is a great way to start your project and learn everything you need to know about it. Tutorials and step – by – step instructions will help you build your project easier and answer all your questions.

You can bring them in your workshop whenever you need some useful information. Look for deals if you want to save money, because let’s face it, good books are a little bit pricey.

WoodWork Book

3. Check the Price of Tools

The quality of woodcraft that leaves the shop is determined by the woodworker, not his machines. Some of the best craftsmen can create fantastic things using just a pocket knife and a box of pipe cleaners.  On the other hand, lazy and poorly trained woodworker that has a million dollar workshop will never produce items that you can use or look with admiration.

So, the point is that you need to know everything about the tools you are using and what to do with them. After you have mastered every machine, you will create marvelous wooden pieces. If you are a beginner, try to start with the tool’s smaller version. They have almost the same functions, and they are less expensive.

4. Build your Tools

One of the best things you can do to save your money is to create your own tools…lots of them. Of course, we are talking about jigs and smaller hand ones. You can learn a lot of stuff about woodworking by creating your own gadgets.

You will learn how to make one and not just that, you will also learn how to use it. Look online or buy a book to find some easy tools you can create. It doesn’t matter if they don’t look nice, what’s important is that you can use them for your next big project. You will treasure them more than any other tool you have bought in the store.

5. Buy Tools That Enhance Your Project

Assuming that you don’t have an unlimited budget, you should spend your money wisely. Buy tools that are specified for the things you create. For example, purchase a panel bit set or a working-class router table if you are producing cabinets, or buy a carving device if you are a wood carver.

Having tools that you won’t need will only take the space in your shop, and you will spend a lot of money on them. And when it comes to developing your skills, it is essential to have machines which will allow you to work correctly so you can move forward in your woodworker career.

Bosch 1617evspk

6. Safety Comes First

People often forget how safety is crucial until the worst happens. To worry less and stay healthy, you need to take every step to protect yourself and people who are working with you. Read books and manuals that come with your machines and read everything about safety equipment.

You should always be wearing hearing protection and safety glasses if using a machine. We recommend all woodworkers to use a face shield, a dust mask, a respirator for finishing and a fire extinguisher. Sawdust and friction can cause heat which can turn into a fire, but having safety equipment, you will be able to react and prevent some disaster.

7. Wood Types

Wood comes in many exciting and different varieties. Go to a hardwood store, spend some time there and learn what type of wood is available. You can find it in almost all densities, patterns, figures and colors.

There are some of them that are black entirely, and there are woods that are light colored. To see all the types, it can take you years, but the easier way is to find pictures of them on Pinterest and Google. When you find wood that you like, go to the hardwood store and look for it.

wood types

8. You Need to Be Open Minded

Some woodworkers are stubborn and think that their way to make things is the only way. If you create something differently, don’t let someone tell you it is wrong. For almost every item you want to create, there is more than one technique to make it.

If you understand and learn everything about your tools, you will come up with many interesting ways to create marvels of beauty. And what is essential is that at the end of your project you will have the same result. Another good way to learn how to make thing using different method is to search it online and read all about it.

9. Have a Sturdy Bench and a Dedicated Space

Most beginners don’t have the area for their woodworking. They usually end up creating things on the floor, and that is not the best idea. If you don’t have a bench and space, it would be wise for you to find some room or part of your home where you can work and set up a table.

You don’t need a large space. What matters is that you are comfortable in it, regardless how small the area is, and that you can work without interruptions. Be consistent, and if your business starts to grow, one day you might own a woodworking shop!

10. Woodworking can be Expensive and Addictive

Sometimes, if you are not careful enough, you can end up making every expensive item you see. Creating every little thing will take you time and money. If you want to challenge your skills and make something new, we recommend creating only one item and then maybe a few more.

But, when you start something, always finish it. You don’t want to have a dozen projects that are not finished. The best thing is to create one project at the time and enjoy your success.

Wooden Living Room Furniture

11. Make the Process an Enjoyable Experience

Woodworking process should clear your mind and bring you enjoyment and peace. It is important not to hurry with it as some people do. You should know that it can become frustrating and difficult when you are missing some important piece.

Something is wrong when your back hurts, you are sweating profusely, and laboring very hard. Either you need to use a different tool, learn a better technique or practice more. The thing that is crucial in these situations is to look carefully at your project, determine what went wrong and slow down.

12. Finishing the Project

The most important part of the woodworking project is its final hours. Many beginners think that they can skip or rush through some of the few steps in the end, but this is not the case. On the contrary, if you want to make your creation look great, you need to take that extra effort and pay even more attention to it.

If you don’t have enough time or you just want to rush things up, we recommend you to leave the project for tomorrow. You will have time to clear your head and relax so that you can finish the task the best way possible. You don’t want to have a reputation of a lousy woodworker.


As we said already in this article, the more you learn in the beginning, the better woodworker you will be. Follow our guide and learn more about this profession in the early stage. We recommend you to read every step we mentioned so you can avoid some mistakes and be better at your job.