Engaging your little ones in craft activities and creative art is an excellent idea. One of the best ways to put their creative and energetic minds to work is by working on wood projects. Woodworking with your kids teaches them basic skills for measuring, planning and the use of basic carpentry tools.

There are so many exciting and unique ideas that are bound to excite your young ones. The first thing you need to remember is that every child is different and some of them will absolutely love working with wood while others may not enjoy it. So, understanding your little one’s interest is crucial.

For older kids who can understand the safety measures, there are various fun and simple projects that can be undertaken under the parent’s supervision. Once age appropriateness concerns and safety are properly addressed, you are ready. Carrying out these woodworking tasks with your little ones will give you an ideal opportunity to learn and know about their potential and talent.

If you are looking for some fun, easy to do wood projects for kids, then you are in the right place. Here are 10 awesome ideas for them that are bound to excite.

If you want to know more, all you have to do is read on.

1. Fishing Game

Using just a few simple materials, provide your little ones with interactive amusement by making the incredible fishing game. Let your kid pick his favorite color and paint wooden spool and square wooden dowel. Leave it for about half an hour to dry adequately. Around the spool glue the string (preferably white) and adhere it near the dowel’s bottom.
incredible wooden fishing game
To the dowel’s end, connect the long string and to the opposite end tie a magnet (you can buy magnetic barrels in the craft store from the jewelry section). For the fish, you can use a clothespin. Paint them in fun and different colors, and use pink one for the fish’s mouth. Leave it to dry for at least an hour and help your little one glue on googly eyes and sequin scales.

This is very easy and fun project. Your kid can now go fishing!

2. Crab Hat

Children love to wear funny and cool hats. Let him make one using a clothespin, and paper bowl. Use the white color to paint two big wooden beads, and the red one for the paper bowl and four clothespins. Make legs from the 8 thin red cardstock four inches strips and glue them around the bowl’s edges.

For a more realistic look, fold them in the middle

funny and cool crab hat
To make the claws, glue together clothespins. Two for one claw and two for other, so they make a V letter. When you have finished this step, adhere the clothespins to the crab’s front side.

Place the eyes on the right spot and glue them. From the black cardstock, cut out the mouth and also glue them, or if it is easier for your kid, let him draw the lips with a black marker. On the hat’s each side, you need to punch a hole and attach the cords that are elastic so that it can fit properly to your kid’s head.


3. Dragonfly

Let your children explore their creativity by making this amazing magnetic clip. You will need wood clothespin and 2 craft sticks. Let your little one pick his favorite colors and paint this toy.

Paint two sticks to be the toy’s wings and also color the clothespin so you can use it as a body. Leave it for at least one hour to dry correctly. The next thing you need to do is to use the craft stick and cross them, so they make an X letter and glue them on the clothespin’s top.

amazing magnetic dragonfly clip
Use a strong magnet and attach it to the clip’s bottom, and place the googly eyes in their position. You can hang this wooden magnet on your refrigerator.

4. Jumbo Dice

Sizeable wooden dice are always a good idea. Let your children come up with some great games to play with them, or just watch as they use them for the board games they always loved. All you need for this project is two wooden blocks and paper colors.

Place a large sheet on the table, and let your children paint the blocks. Let them pick their favorite colors and brush each side with the different one. Cut out the circles from the paper so you can use them as a dots of the dice. Glue them on each side, and pay attention to the number of dots.

5. Magic Wand

Our little fairies need their magic wands. The best part is they can learn how to make one on their own. Using a foam brush and your child’s favorite color let her paint a wooden dowel. Leave it to dry for about an hour. The next thing you need to do is to draw lines in glue on a wooden star from the middle of it to its every point.
fairies need their magic wands
Sprinkle it with glitter; you can use different colors, or just one, whatever your princess prefer. Or you can also line up in the glue sparkly beads. For the final touch glue the colorful ribbons and the dowel to the star’s back.

Your kids are ready to make some magic!

6. Barn Stick

With the craft sticks your child can build a beautiful barn. Paint in white color four mini, and six regular craft sticks, and nine of them in red. Leave all of them to completely dry for at least an hour. If needed leave it even more.

On a rectangle cardstock’s piece, let your kid make a green grass and a blue sky with markers and color papers. Then use the eleven craft stick and glue them vertically on a row. Place 2 red sticks, 1 white, 5 red, 1 white and 2 red at the end.

beautiful barn stick
The next thing is to use two white stick and place them horizontally at the bottom and the top; make a letter X out of the remain two sticks and place in the middle to mark the door. To form the roof of the barn attach the mini sticks to the red cardstock. Above the barn’s background glue the roof to it.

Form the black paper, cut out a rectangle and glue it to the roof of the barn.

As a final touch crumple the strips that you previously cut out from the paper bag. That will represent the hay that you need to glue to the window of the barn.

7. Airplane

red wooden Airplane toy

We all know almost every child loves the plane. So, making one with your little one will be fun and easy. Use the wooden clothespin, one mini and two craft sticks and paint them in your kid’s favorite color. Leave it to dry adequately so your child can work with it without getting his hands painted.

Glue the mini stick as a tail of an airplane and a craft stick on the clothespin’s bottom and top as its wings. From foam cut a triangle and attach it to the top of the plane’s tail. When this wooden toy is dry, you can glue magnets on the clothespin’s bottom.

8. Giraffe

Kids love animals, especially the big ones like giraffes. With some material and pair of hand, you will make this wooden toy in no time!

From clipboard, cut an oval as you will use it as the animal’s body, and as legs and neck, you will need three wooden clothespins. Paint it all in yellow except the clothespin bottom which you need to color in black. Leave it dry.

nice little Giraffe made out of wood
When it is ready, let your little ones use their fingers and create spots with the brown paint, all over the giraffe’s body, neck, and legs.

Attach them to the body and secure with glue. Use a pom-pom face also in yellow color, and glue it onto the neck and along its backside attach the chenille stem. That way you have finished the toy.

9. Door Sign

This is a challenging but equally easy project for children that they will be able to do. The first thing you will need for this task is a piece of sandpapered wood. On the sign’s back, you can punch two holes, or you can fix a hook. Depending on your kids age and gender you can create custom door signs differently.

Let your child decide whether he wants to decorate it or write down quotes, name, and message.

10. Train

Kids will adore this wooden toy. All you need for this task is a wooden spool, six pieces of pasta wagon-wheels and three wooden boxes. Let your little ones paint the block and attach them.

You can use Popsicle sticks or craft ones and glue them on a piece of cardboard to create a track. For an ultimate experience create few.


These are our favorite projects, but you can always get creative and come up with some new, modern ideas. Kids love to make things, so make sure to engage them in craft activities and creative art. It is an excellent way to channel their creativity and put it to great use.

That will help them in developing some other traits and qualities, which will help them to grow into independent individuals.